Puerto Rico!


Hey everyone! I know it been well over a month since I last wrote but I have been pretty busy as of late. It has been a little over three weeks since I returned from a missions trip to Puerto Rico! I left for this trip the day after I got home from the family reunion (Which was in my last blog post) and I was gone for just over 1 week on that and when I returned I just returned right into a bunch of 40 hour weeks at my job! I could’ve definitely still written in that time but it just kept slipping my mind! Anyways, if you are reading this, I appreciate you. NOW, onto the good stuff!

Puerto Rico!

When I signed up to go on this missions trip I signed up as a chaperone/adult figure. I didn’t know what to expect and, in fact, we were supposed to go to Nicaragua but the country is in very rough times at the moment so we changed plans and we landed on Puerto Rico! Now, the last time I went on a missions trip I went to Nicaragua as a student through my church’s youth program Route 28. I had made a few friends in Nicaragua and was initially really excited to go see them again for the first time in 4 years, so when the country started going downhill and we had a change of plans I was fairly sad. NOW, I knew that I wasn’t going on a missions trip to just meet up and hang out with friends. We were there to do God’s work, I just thought that knowing some of the locals and culture would have made it easier for me to do so. With that being said, God did not want us to go to Nicaragua, and we changed the plans to go to P.R.

I went with a group of 13 youth kids from the church and a group of 8 other adults. Two of the adults were my brother’s so I did know some other people but other than those two I really didn’t know anybody that well. Now, skipping ahead of the flight to P.R. When I got to P.R. it was nothing like imagined, and due to the hurricane that ripped apart the island it looked like a mess in a lot of areas but the island was beautiful and God was in motion. I met all the kids and other chaperones, everyone was really cool and in the end, I even ended up becoming friends with a few. Our job while we were there was to put a roof on house for a family that currently had none. The story behind the family was fairly sad. They were making a new house when the father of the family died and the house was not finished. Then the hurricane came through and made it that much harder to finish the house. The whole family was living in the basement!

When we arrived at the house, the rooms of the house were filled with water all over the floor because of constant rain, trash littered the place, and of course, there wasn’t a roof! So the gang got to work right away, we worked on this house for four whole days (Also a quick note, Greg and I actually showed up to P.R. a day later than everyone else because of the family reunion so I have adjusted some of the times to fit the whole group. Greg and I were actually only there for three of the days.). In the four days, we split up the group, many of the guys ended up working on the roof and placing water treated plywood down and nailing it all down. The guys and some girls ended up being able to put a whole roof on the house and caulk the holes, and even throw a layer of paint over the few panels that were not water treated. Mostly girls ended up staying down in the main living areas and painted the WHOLE house with first and second coats! They did so much work it was so impressive to see the whole house come together. Sadly, we would not be able to place down sheets of metal over the roof as those were coming three weeks later so around this time they should be getting a final roof! I also cannot fail to mention that when we got to the house one of the family’s cousin’s who just happened to live right down the street offered to help us and ended up being a HUGE contributor in us being able to finish the roof. God really blessed us with Edward during the roofing process. I could feel God during the whole trip just moving so freely throughout the group, it was phenomenal.

So, after our three days were up, working on the house, the whole group packed our bags and moved out of our hostel that we were staying in and went to the other side of the island over by San Juan and stayed in an awesome property for the next three days. This place was partially hand built by the owner and it was basically four houses built on top of each other in a way that each floor made a balcony above the below house. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures myself so I could show you all how awesome this place was. And to top it all off, they had a huge courtyard/field area that we could play football and they even had a volleyball court! The volleyball court did not have a net hung up sadly because the group before us actually broke it but we made the most of some rope we had lying around and made a 1 rope volleyball net! Then we got half the group playing! It was a lot of fun.

In the next days we all bonded, shopped, sightsaw, wandered and just enjoyed God’s presence on the trip and it was amazing. The only sad part was having to leave. I thank God that I got to go on such an amazing trip with so many unique and awesome people. Shoutout to all the people who went on the trip!

Now, to top off the post, here are some pictures I took of my amazing trip to Puerto Rico!

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I went to go write a different blog post, but then I found this….

Alright, we all know that I started off writing on WordPress purely about volleyball and that’s because I really really want to talk about volleyball. It’s something that I am passionate about and we all love to talk about the things that we are passionate about, right? Well it was easy at first to pump out content about volleyball because I had a lot to say, I gradually slowed to a steady pace and although very few people read my blogs (Thank you to those who do 🙂 ) I still had a drive to talk about it, till I found something out.

Recently I found this website where you can search a key phrase and it will tell you all of the top performing posts that relate to that phrase. Its a very useful site and it helps fuel ideas to see what top writers and bloggers are writing about in your specific field. Well, me, loving volleyball, you can only guess what the very first phrase I typed in was…volleyball. And as it turns out, writing about volleyball is hard…and here is why.

Literally all of the posts about volleyball that were the best performing actually had very little to do with volleyball. In fact, I would even go as far to say they weren’t about sport, volleyball, at all but more about something else. Beauty. All of the top performing posts all had to do with beautiful volleyball players, or one in particular really attractive volleyball player from overseas or “Ten volleyball players that could be models”, so on and so forth. It was very de-motivating and honestly just very sad. None of the top posts about volleyball had nothing to do with the sport itself. Then here I am, trying to write because I love the game of volleyball and all that it entails. I write because I enjoy it, like I said before, but whenever I write I secretly hope that I am going to get a bunch of views and gain some new followers and who knows, maybe even get spotted by the news for an article or just SOMETHING that would make this successful. And although that may sound dumb or you may be thinking “Cmon, W.P. you can’t seriously expect to get views and be famous or something by writing about volleyball, there simply isn’t a fan base…” Etc. Everyone roots for themselves because in the end you are your biggest supporter. Seeing that what I write about wasn’t getting views because the fact of the matter is, no one cares, really hurts. Society is so driven by beauty and material things that people now click on posts that have to do with volleyball not because they like volleyball but more because there is a top ten list of the most beautiful volleyball players from around the globe. IT’S SO DE-MOTIVATING FOR SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY JUST WANTS TO WRITE ABOUT VOLLEYBALL BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO. It hurts when you then realize i’m sure this is happening with so many other topics too and many other bloggers are in the same position I am in! It’s so sad to see this, because I feel like if I continue on my current path of writing about volleyball Im not going to go anywhere, and no one will read what I write, which is the last thing that I want.

This whole dilemma is something that I have thought about for a while now and it is part of the reason that I decided to branch off to other topics for some of my posts because I noticed that my volleyball posts were some of my lowest viewing posts. And even for someone who maybe gets 10 views on a post, I still noticed. But then here lies another dilemma, if I branch off too far with my posts Ill lose the real reason that I started it in the first place, volleyball. When I say what all the top posts were on that website I even asked my girlfriend if that is something I should do, but she disapproved and it made me realize that I almost became the problem that I hate so much, just for a chance at some more views in the end. The game is almost rigged against me, but that’s just my opinion.

Anyways, sorry for the rant and if you made it this far you are the best. I would also appreciate a retweet, share, like, comment, or whatever you do from wherever you are reading this just so I can try and spread this message to more people like me. I really appreciate you taking time to read this.

Till next time,




VNL Update

Hey guys! Quick update on the Volleyball Nations League! USA Went on the defeat Japan in another nail biting match. They started it behind 2-0 but came back and won the match 3-2 in another close game! They then went to go defeat Korea in three straight sets! Not even giving them a chance to get warmed up. So as the standings go, 1st place is still held by Poland with a 5-0 Record. 2nd place is held by USA with 5-0. 3rd place is held by Brazil with 4-1.

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Summer Volleyball League Week 1! With Pictures!


Hey everyone! So yesterday was the start of my summer volleyball league that I have been looking forward to for quite some time now! BUT, there was a bad side to it, a team did show up! So, Im on the lookout for another team, if anyone knows someone who would want to start a team just comment on this post! It runs at Farwell from 6:30-9 on every wednesday till June 27th. Alright, now on to the good stuff.

Yesterday we could only play two games because of the No Show team so the first game was Fluffy Cacti (My team, still trying to convince them to use a different name 😀 ) versus, Bumpin Uglies. We were missing two team members for the first two sets but luckily we had a family friend stopping by in town so shoutout to Taylor Flick for filling in on such short notice! So, Fluffy Cacti managed to secure the first set. The second set was a different story. The second set was a battle and went up into the 30s for points on both sides. For those of you who don’t know how scoring works, each Game is played with 3 sets. Each set is then played to 25 and you have to win by 2 to take the set. Then the winner of the game is the team who got best 2 out of 3 sets.

The second set was hard fought but Fluffy Cacti fell to the Bumpin Uglies. We were all tied up now in sets 1-1. We started the third set but didn’t get that far in before Caron (one of our missing members showed up late due to prior commitments). Caron came in the game all ready to play so now both teams had 6 players! Caron then went on a serving streak and put us up by I think 5 points in the middle of the third set and we went on to win the third set in the end thanks to Caron, or else we might’ve had another long set on our hands! But shoutout to my team, who killed it yesterday. All that prior practice really helped and we will only get better.
The second game was Fluffy Cacti vs No Diggity. This game was a good one and both teams started with six members but all but one member on No Diggity were substitutes, so we will be able to see their full team hopefully next week but they fought well but in the end Fluffy Cacti took all three sets vs No Diggity.

Now enjoy some cool pictures courtesy of my Father! Id also like to thank my mom who came out to watch! Thanks for the support guys!


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VNL Update, 30 Second Read.

Quick volleyball update for the Mens league in VNL World League. USA went on to defeat Bulgaria 3 sets to their 1. They also then went on to defeat China 3 sets to 0! Currently They are in a four way tie with Poland, Italy, and France! Brazil sits at fifth place with a 2-1 record which is actually fairly surprising because Brazil has always had a phenomenal team but there is still a lot of games to play so who knows what will happen.

Thats all for today!

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How I Came To ENJOY Running


First things first, this is basically a book review post so don’t go anywhere if you enjoy a good read. Now lets be real, most people will never run on a regular daily or even weekly basis, I still find it hard to get out on a weekly basis but when I do, I actually ENJOY the run! Now, this isn’t some sort of lie, just a simple….book. Thats right, a book actually made me love running.

Life At These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson. This book is one of those books that takes your soul and kinda shreds it and then puts it back together at the end of it, but not completely. And the holes that are still missing in your soul at the end of the book, I filled with running.

Life at the Speeds is about a track and cross country runner who was not a standout in 8th grade but then once someone he is close to passes away after some random circumstances, he becomes a running champion almost over night. This book follows him as he goes about daily life in high school while dealing with dark secrets and struggles. The few friends he has made have all come by under strange circumstances but seem to want to follow him to the ends of the earth. The book ends amazing but leaves you wanting more answers, so I couldn’t leave it at that. I actually exchanged some emails with Jeremy Jackson about what he thinks would happen after the book and it really helped put my restless mind at ease.

In conclusion, this book is amazing, for those who like to run already, or those who despise it, this book is the BEST book I have ever read and my all time favorite book. I promise, you will not regret reading this book, I read it at least once a year, and enjoy it more and more every time. And plus, who doesn’t like to settle down in the bed covered in blankets and read a good book?

Till Next Time,


P.S. there is also a movie based on the book called 1 Mile To You, but like most movies based on books, watch at your own risk. I give it a solid 4/10 lol


30 Second Read! Seeking Discomfort.

Today, I am going to be straying away from the volleyball theme and I will probably do it just a bit more often because not all people can relate to volleyball and enjoy reading about it, so in an attempt to draw new readers and make new friends, Im gonna try to make half my posts about volleyball and the other half about random topics that most people can relate to.

SO,  recently I have found a group of guys that youtube together called…Yes Theory, ever heard of them? Because you should have. These guys have a slogan that is simply “Seek Discomfort”. Their whole brand and slogan is an attempt to bring them out of their comfort zone, make new friends, live an unforgettable life, and all while recording it and putting it up on youtube for the enjoyment of others. A brilliant idea if you ask me. Their whole philosophy is something that I have been trying to get myself to live more of lately and is something that hopefully I can actually live up to in the future and make part of my philosophy, because in the end, who doesn’t want an unforgettable life?

Till next time,


p.s. https://www.youtube.com/user/PracProcrastination

Check these guys out, you won’t regret a single second of watching EVERY single one of their videos when you get hooked. 🙂



Alright so this post is gonna be a short one but DEFINITELY a good one.

SO I managed to get a lot of people for a game of volleyball this morning! Which was pretty awesome. Greg, Kelsey, Brandon, Shawn, Alex, Ethan, Brenden, and I all got together for a solid two and a half hours of volleyball time!

So to start off, yes, I did dive for a ball that was indeed four feet out of bounds but I also thought that it was inbounds. Apparently my depth perception was a bit off. I also was able to find a few good spots that my team will have to work on during the summer league which i’m stoked for. At the games today we had Kelsey, Greg, and I who are on a team for the summer league, and then we have Alex, Ethan, and Brenden, who are on a team so it was kind of a preview of what the future will hold in the summer league.

Some highlights of todays matches include: I dove for a ball four feet out, Hauck needs to work on his receiving because he can’t receive my serves! lol jk. I got hit in the face by my own spike after it was blocked, ouch. And Ethan did a terrible LOW back set to Alex who obviously wasn’t expecting it. Other than that everyone did pretty solid, we had a ton of really long rallies with the ball in the air. So, good job everyone and lets try and do it again next week!

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Made Some Random Friends This Week!

This week I go two play volleyball on THREE separate occasions! What a great week, am I right?

The first time was my weekly volleyball week that was the last week, and I explained how that went earlier in the week.

The second time Greg, Hunter, Kelsey, and I went out to try and play at Morey Courts in Mount Pleasant. Welp, their courts were full up. Luckily though it led to us heading over to Downtown Mount Pleasant to play on the sand courts. We got there and there happened to be another random team that was practicing for a league at Central Michigan University for the summer. So, we asked if we could play and they were absolutely okay with it. SO we played several games and we did actually really good and sadly we didn’t get any of their names so we will probably never play against them again but it was still nice to have a practice team.

The THIRD time was just yesterday on Saturday and Greg and I decided to go to Morey again and luckily they had their courts open this time. So we started just practicing our essential basics and moving on to setting and spiking and then a bunch of people came and started playing their own game on a court right next to ours so we asked if we could join and they were okay with it! It was great, they were a riot. Full of jokes, laughter, and they tried really hard. We played two whole matches and we both had a lot of fun, but again, we didn’t get anyones names so still no practice squads. But that’s okay, we made good progress and now we are all just prepping for the June volleyball league!


Till next time,



Tuesday Night Volleyball League

So, this week was the final week of my Tuesday night volleyball league. So thank you to Sarah who first invited me to the team and then thank you to the rest of the team for being so accepting of me. Now, down to business.

Yesterday we had our first double header. We were supposed to have those two games several weeks ago but a snow day cancelled them so we rescheduled.

I had been looking forward to these games for a long time. Opponents 1 had a really tall guy who I felt was pretty much the main man of their team, and I had been waiting to vs him. I love the competition and I love a good challenge when it comes to volleyball. Opponents 2 were a team that I had seen before and I knew they were pretty good but I didn’t realize they were the best team in the league until Sarah told me lol.

Game 1:

To start, I need to say, I was so nervous for this game. I was also so hyped for it, but somewhere in the middle of the game my nervousness went away. Opponents 1 were good, they were well balanced and the tall guy was definitely a tough opponent. I knew from the start our serves would have to be good because those were the only balls that Tall Guy couldn’t block because thats the rules of the game. And then I also knew that I would have to be on my A-game while in the front row. Two conditions that I focused on. We started actually behind in set 1 if I remember correctly, then caught up quickly due to some solid serving. My team only had 4 people on it again in these games which is fine because we actually had gotten used to it from last week. Set one we ended up winning I think the score was 25-20. Not much unusual happened in the first set, nothing really stood out much, we just played our game and stayed consistent. I had some errors that I shouldn’t have had but in the end it was fine. Set 2 came along and our team was warming up well and really getting into the groove of it. Id say set 2 was the high point of our night. I managed a few spikes that weren’t as good as last weeks but I chalk that up to nervousness. I managed two blocks in the second set which were solid and both ended with a point and then Chris managed a MONSTER block versus the Tall Guy which also ended in a point, which was pretty hype. Set 2 Sarah and Tiffany both were killing it with the serves, they must’ve had somewhere like 12-15 points just off their serves and us being able to make something happen off of their serves. We went on to win set 2 but I actually have no clue what the score was.

Set 3:

Set 3 was a little different, I think we could all feel us getting tired out. We couldn’t receive balls like we normally would, we weren’t talking as much as we needed to, and the ball just wasn’t working for us lol. I honestly don’t remember much about set 3 except we lost because we played a lot of volleyball yesterday and It is all kinda meshing in my head. BUT, we won the match 2 sets to their 1 set! Which was awesome because I had been looking forward to that match for a while and I wanted to win badly.



So Im gonna mesh all the sets of game 2 into one section because there isn’t a whole lot to say. Game 2 we lost all three sets. Some sets were worse than others but it felt as if nothing was working for us. We just seemed to be hitting some balls just barely too lightly and it would skirt around the top of the net and fall back on our side. My sets to other people were off. The opponents offense was just flowing really smoothly and we could’nt seem to stop their spikes. Our team got 0 blocks in the second game. We were putting everything we had into the game but we were tired.

In this game we started to feel the downsides of only four people. The opponents were the first to really target and take advantage of our weak points. With only four members we were playing in a diamond shape, which left the middle of the court fairly opened and we all just kinda did our best to chip in and cover it when needed, but that included a lot of running and diving and we were tired from the previous game. Along with the opponents taking advantage of our low numbers somewhere along the line, I got intimidated. 

This was due to the amount of good players they had on their team and they never left me opened to spike, someone was always in my face. They always were able to get a hand on the balls that I hit and I was just scoring less. And whenever they spiked the ball I could never block it or managed to grab it from hitting the ground, even with all my diving efforts. All of this culminated and with a few more errors along the way, I became intimidated. I stopped hitting as hard as I could when spiking and actually barely ever spiked at all. Luckily, Sarah noticed this and snapped me out of it, all she asked was if I was getting tired because I wasn’t hitting like normal but I told her I was being cautious. Then she just told me not to back down. After that I managed one more good spike before the game ended and we lost all 3 sets.

I was backing down, which is something that I never wanted to do and even thought I wouldn’t ever do. I just wanted to win so bad that I was overthinking every move of mine to the point where I psyched myself out and Im probably gonna beat myself up over it for a while but I just gotta look to the future and look to get better. I know what I need to improve on.

So, Last night I noticed during the game the opponents were recording the game so I am gonna try and get the recording and trouble shoot but with that being said, I am done with that league and my next league starts June 30th. This is the league I am running so I will be busy but Ill keep up the updates after those games.

Final Notes, Sarah, Tiffany, Chris, and Zach if this gets to you thank you for the opportunity  to play for your team. It was undoubtedly one of the most fun things that I have done so far this year! Maybe Ill see you in the four man league at the Moose Lodge this summer.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Till next time,


3 Volleyball Facts that Will BLOW Your Mind. 30 Second Read!!

  1. Most volleyball players jump around 80 or more times per match!

2. Volleyball has more national federations than any other sport with over 200 registered with FIVB.

3. The longest marathon playing volleyball indoors was 101 hours long. Achieved by SVU Volleyball in the Netherlands. Thats over four days long.

From my experience playing volleyball a three set match lasts about an hour, usually a bit longer. I can only assume a more experienced match would last a bit longer. So lets say an hour and fifteen minutes per match. (Just an estimate, there really is no good way to find the time because volleyball matches are not timed). My estimate is that they played around 80 Matches of volleyball. Since one match of volleyball has anywhere from 2-5 sets then they played somewhere around 242 sets of volleyball consecutively. So if each set ONLY went to 25 points (They can go longer, sets of volleyball are win by 2), approximately 6050 points were scored. (All numbers are approximations and guesses.) THATS CRAZY.

Hope you enjoyed this thirty second read,

Till next time,








2 Years Ago, I Started Playing Volleyball

And Im still going, I am still pouring my free time and my heart into this game, when it might not even ever get me anywhere.


I play  volleyball for a number of reasons.

  1. First and foremost, I love the game. It is so balanced and with every serve anything can happen. The spontaneity of the game makes me love it. I have always been hypnotized by volleyball games and I never really knew why until recently.  
  2. It takes skill, but you also have to actively think. If you are naturally good at volleyball and naturally athletic thats awesome, but if you think about everything thats happening in the game like how to win, where to serve, and who to try and block next, you can trump natural skill. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.
  3. Teams are more like families than just teammates. You have to be in sync with your teammates on so many levels if you want to win. Honestly, if I was a coach I would spend most of my time making my team do trust building exercises that somehow include a little volleyball. I love that trust is such a necessity.

I have just enough experience with it in the past two years to where I am just recently learning how to spike just about any set from any setter but Im still so inexperienced in the game to where sometimes I still can’t remember all of the technicalities to the rules.

I love the game of volleyball. Everything about it is exciting and Im sure I will keep playing for years and I wish I could’ve played volleyball in high school. Whoever limited most schools to only having girl’s volleyball teams I would like to have a talk with you. Because I would’ve played volleyball over basketball if I had the chance. 


Till next time.



Tuesday Night League!!

So to start off, I honestly expected to be creamed going into tonights game’s. And it has NOTHING to do with my teammates, so if you are reading this, you guys are awesome. Seriously.

So, lets start from the beginning, this morning. I woke up today to a wonderful 75 degree day. Naturally, I wanted to go long boarding, I really just wanted to be outside, so I went for a long boarding adventure. I got one loop around the schools and decided to keep going but thats when it hit me, and I mean literally. Today, I was riding Greg’s longboard, which isn’t that different than mine but turns faster and so I was getting up to speed on the longboard, went to hop on, and boom, TOTALLY just ate cement. My whole right side of my body is nice and sore, my hand was bleeding a little, my hip is all scratched up and sore and most importantly, my whole right arm was just slightly numb. NOT A GREAT WAY TO START OFF TUESDAY. But I brushed it off, got a bandage for my bleeding pinky finger and continued with my day.

I then proceeded to go home and my brothers wanted to play basketball, so we did. My right arm could barely shoot a basketball. But as time went it started to loosen up and feel better, but not 100%. So in summary, I messed up my arm and hip, and then tired myself out with basketball literally just a few hours before my volleyball league. So, if you are still reading, thank you!

NOW, for the league. It was literally the best game of volleyball I’ve ever played. How did this happen? Well apparently bashing you right arm off the pavement is the key to success. No, but for real, I have pretty awesome teammates. Everyone puts in effort and knows what they are doing and they fed me amazing sets all night. We played with only four of our members vs a six person team but we just were better at connecting with the ball than they were. I don’t remember the scores but we won the match winning all three sets. Which was awesome. Our team was communicating really well, and there were only a few mishaps of miscommunication, which we brushed off and continually did better.

Personally, like I said, this was the best game I’ve ever played and there was a reason for that. First off, like I said, my team was feeding me good sets all night, allowing me to spike freely and spike powerfully.  Thats right, I said powerfully, which was a big step up from last week where I just focused on form while this week it all tied together and I literally smashed a few balls down, which was amazing. And I know my form was pretty good again because Tiffany said she felt like I was floating on one of my spikes (where I jumped a bit early oops :P) and If you have read my blog before you know that with good spiking form comes a moment where it makes you look like you are literally floating which is a good thing. ( With that being said I need to more conscious of what my form is because if she hadn’t of said that I never would’ve known how I was doing).

I also had practiced diving for balls in the past and getting the right form for it and MAN IT CAME IN HANDY LET ME TELL YOU LOL. There were several times were I received a ball with good diving form and It feels so dang good to get those. One of them was at game point and I didn’t want to lose and we ended up getting the point. It really made me feel good. Also, the other team pretty much nicknamed me Monkey for some reason lol. Not exactly sure to be honest with you but EH, not mad. 🙂

At the end of the night I am so pleased with how the game went and shoutout to Tiffany, Chris, and Sarah. You guys were awesome tonight 🙂 . And Trent and Zach, if you are reading this, you guys missed a great game, but ill be glad to have you back next week if you guys can.


Till Next Time,


Avengers Play Volleyball


So as I was thinking of some sort on interesting topic to write about for my post today I ran across some Avengers posts on twitter and tumblr and that got me thinking…Which Avenger would be the best at volleyball?

Now, I was thinking two different sections here, using powers, and without powers, because lets be honest, the top players will be different in each group! Captain America, T’Challa, and Bucky can be in both because they are literally stuck with their powers, they can’t really turn them on and off.

Im just gonna go and rate the top five and explain

1. Scarlet Witch

2. Spiderman

3. Hulk

4.Captain America


Alright well to start Scarlet Witch is kinda a no brainer, she can literally move the ball with her mind. She can save the ball from touching the ground probably without fail, in every game. Spiderman makes a good #2 because improved reflexes, speed, and ability to use webs could make for a fast paced and neat game of volleyball. Could you imagine him making a web that connects to all of his teammates to catch the ball and his teammates are just sitting there like “Really man? Again?”. That would be great. Hulk was one that I almost put higher on the list because he could just hit the ball so dang hard im sure nothing could stop it from hitting the ground. Even another Avenger. If someone went to go stop the ball I bet they would just get plowed into the ground with it. Cap is on the same page as Spidey, he IS a superhuman after all plus, Cap just doesn’t like to lose. Groot is on this list honestly just because of how tall he is and how he could make a full net sized wall of wood to just block about any ball coming his way….except maybe if Hulk were to hit it lol.


1.Captain America

2.Black Panther



5.Tony Stark

Alright, so this list is kinda rigged but like I said, three out of the five can’t turn their powers off so they count, technically. First off, Cap, cmon, the man is a monster and like I said, he doesn’t like to lose. T’Challa is on here because he can’t turn off his powers either, at least he doesn’t have the claws. Although, his cat-like reflexes do give him added bonus lol. Bucky is here  because could you imagine Bucky spiking down the ball with a metal arm? I could see the ball getting wedged into the ground, like literally, making a hole in the ground. Natasha and Tony are two Avengers that I can see would love a game of volleyball, their competitive spirit would drive them to win. Natasha herself is just plain amazing tbh, she hangs with the big dogs but doesn’t have any super powers, thats pretty awesome. I could see Tony playing just to try and crush Cap although he knows he doesn’t have a chance so he would try to make a really stacked team and put his stacked team up versus Cap to see who would be victorious.


Alright guys, hoped you all enjoyed the post and my strange thoughts of The Avengers playing volleyball because honestly Id love to see that, I would also love to see the actors doing an Avengers volleyball game. I can’t even imagine how hilarious that would be.

Till next time,




If you play sports, you need this app.


Today’s post ill be reviewing an IOS app that I currently have and use. Its called Technique.

This app is very interesting because there are a couple of important parts to it. First off, its a video recorder that utilizes slow motion to help improve technique in various sports, hence the name. Secondly, its a social networking app! It allows you to post your videos to a community page in which people can comment what you did good, bad, or ugly. It is a really cool app for ANYONE who plays sports. Seriously, the camera allows you to adjust the speed at which the slow motion is taken and you can speed it up or slow it down at your own rate to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Post from user Taigon Worthen (Coach) Modified by me, to show uses of the app.

You can also slow down other peoples videos and draw on them to show more technique DO’s and DONT’s. It is a very interesting app and I highly recommend for ANY sports user out there.

Keep Doing You,





FIRST OFF, if you didn’t get the title reference, cmon, what are you doing?! Christmas Story, ya know, the movie with the Leg Lamp?!? NOW MOVING ON lol.

Hello! Recently I have been working on starting up a summer league and it is going well. It starts on May 30 and I have been wanting to give out a prize to the team that has the most amount of wins at the end of the season but I don’t know what to do!!

I thought maybe a pizza party would be cool but thats cliche, although pizza is always delicious. Then I thought maybe a trophy! But one trophy for a whole team of people wouldn’t work out well. THEN I thought maybe I could get my hands on some cheeky medals and do first, second, and third places. So, if you read this could you just please take one minute to comment what the best prize for winning a competition that you have EVER gotten. It can be any competition and I am open to any and ALL suggestions!

Help a brotha out…please 🙂




So, recently I was looking for something cool that was volleyball related that could gain the interest of a lot of people, whether you liked volleyball or not. And I found something that I never expected, snow volleyball!

Now, what is snow volleyball? Well, obviously, it’s volleyball in the snow! (This takes some dedication and passion for the game 🙂 ) So, I did some more research on snow volleyball to find out more, I just had a few questions. How big is this? Does it have the same rules? And how long has it been going on? So I set off on a journey to find these answers, and I didn’t have to go very far!

To my surprise, snow volleyball has been around for 10 years now! I never would’ve guessed, like for real though, who likes to go out in the snow, and hit a volleyball around while freezing?! Apparently there are a lot of people who do! So much so that the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) has added the sport to its official calendar! Turns out the sport is getting pretty big now! So big that even some professional volleyball players for indoors and beach volleyball have played at the highest level of play in some pretty huge tournaments!

On February 14, 2018 in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics the CEV and the FIVB (Two of the biggest volleyball federations out there) showcased snow volleyball and it was covered by more than 40 television stations! Not to mention, the sport even has its own official website and many major competitions! I also found that snow volleyball has similar if not exactly the same rules as beach volleyball!

Snow volleyball seems like a lot of fun and the makers of the game seem to have really hit it home with this one. Tournaments are just growing bigger and they have a great setup for players and fans, I would love to go be at one of these tournaments to watch, even if I did freeze my butt off.

Now I just want to know where I can play a game of snow volleyball at! And does anybody want to freeze with me? 🙂

Stay Cool,


p.s. did you see what I did there? lol

p.s.s. check out their official site! http://www.snowvolleyball.at/en



Best Libero in ALL of Japan!!


Kon’nichiwa! In today’s blog I talk about who is the best Libero in all of Japan for women’s volleyball! It is Saturday after all so its LIBERO LOVE SATURDAY! So let’s dive right in.

Arisa Sato of the women’s Japanese national volleyball league is today’s Libero Love Saturday!

Arisa Sato is a Libero for both the Japanese National Women’s team and also the Club team of Hitachi Rivale. I have watched some gameplay of Arisa’s and personally I feel as if she is the best Libero in all of Japan. Now, here is why. Arisa has great gameplay reaction time, great court vision, and an amazing ability to easily and quickly transition a defensive receive into an offensive point for her team. She has one of the most amazing reaction times that I have seen for a Libero of Olympic Level. That, paired with her ability to see the whole court, who will be hitting the ball, and where the ball is going, and you have a superstar. She sees the hitter before most others which allows her to instantly move into where the ball will be hit and receive it cleanly!

In one particular gameplay that I watched of Arisa’s the ball is served to her team and the setter hits it first, Arisa jumps into it and does a set from behind the 3 meter line. BUT instead of actually setting the ball to a hitter who would spike it home, she just quickly and calmly just tosses it over herself right into the middle of the whole team, who watch it fall to the ground as the opposing Libero dives for it. It was honestly the highest level Libero action I have seen, it seemed almost magical. It seemed as if she almost turned the momentum of the game into their favor right then and there, as if she was stating “Im better, bring it on”.

Her tenacity, along with all of her skills listed earlier, definitely makes her this week’s Libero Love Saturday. So, if you get a chance, go give Arisa Sato some love with a quick twitter follow, of course, everything is in Japanese but luckily Twitter has a translate button. Which is pretty lit.

Jikai Made,


p.s.  Arisa is only 5 foot 4 and a half inches tall! Carve your own path!

p.s.s. here is a sweet compilation of all of some of her best moments. The set is in here at 1:43!


Mainstream Media Volleyball?!?

So today’s blog post is gonna be a short one. I just have a few quick thoughts to get out there and some questions that NEED to be asked. Without further ado, here we goooooo.

FIRST off, why in the world is there no good movies that center around volleyball?! We have movies about baseball, football, track, cross country, EVEN PINGPONG. WHERE ARE THE VOLLEYBALL MOVIES. Sure, there are a few, but those few movies have terrible ratings and time degraded what was left of them into nothing. One thing I do have to say is that the new movie that is coming out (Is out?) looks really good. Its based on a true story about a volleyball team that has to learn to play and live without their team captain who dies in a horrible accident. It looks like a triumphant win in the volleyball movie department and i’m actually dying to see it.

NEXT off, why is volleyball not cast on tv? Okay, some say its because it’s too “girly” of a sport or not fun to watch but personally, have you ever watched a pro baseball game, that is what I call boring. Now, i’m not here to rag on other sports and say volleyball is better but volleyball can be exciting to watch if you know whats going on. So, if people educated themselves even just a little bit about volleyball I bet some people would come to find out that they really like it. Also, volleyball is fun and entertaining to watch. For those of you who think volleyball is a women’s sport, there are professional players who make millions playing volleyball, male and female.

So, that concludes today’s post. It was just a small rant but hey, everyone loves a good rant.

Till next time,



Volleyball League and… a block?

So, I FINALLY was able to play for my volleyball league on Tuesday and lemme tell you, I love playing volleyball in a competitive setting. So today, Im gonna be doing a run down of how the match went and my individual gameplay.

First off, we were versus team 9, Team Cassie. I had spectated this team before and kinda knew how well they play and how they play but when we went up against them yesterday I literally could only remember one person. A kinda short guy who was rather buff and could jump, he stood out as their strongest player and their best spiker, so I tagged him. Of course, leave it to me to try and single out their best player XD. Well, the first set we lost, and I think the score was something like 25-16. Yeah, it was a hard loss BUT, in this league there is like no warm up time so I personally always expect to lose the first match because our team is one to warm up and then do much better. In the first set my individual gameplay was alright, DEFINITELY not what it should’ve been BUT I did block their best player and scored a point off of it, which was really good, not for the point but because I used a blocking technique to do it.

So, this blocking technique is often used in beach volleyball to try and trick the opponent to hit to a certain spot, and then you jump to the spot. So imagine the enemy spiker is coming straight towards you, getting ready to jump up and spike the ball. You (the blocker) line up right in front of his hitting hand (lets just say his right hand) and would normally jump straight up, which works, sometimes. What I did was take a single step to my right (We were on the right-most side of the court right next to the net btw) and get prepared to jump and block if he were to hit right down my out line and barely squeeze the ball in. BUT, I knew he probably wouldn’t hit down the line but I tried to make him  think that that is were I wanted to block. So, I stepped one step to the right, he jumped and THEN, I jumped from my spot up and to the left as far as I could to block the shot. He spiked the ball, the ball firmly hit my full left hand and shot down to their side of the court, giving us a point. Honestly, it was such a good feeling. If my volleyball league wasn’t such a chill, everyone stay calm, type of league I probably would’ve screamed from excitement. AND THEN, to top it off, him and I made eye contact after the point ended and he gave me a high five under the net. It was one of those high fives where you both mutually respect each other now. It was a good feeling. That block was the highlight of my night.

OKAY NOW, moving on, the second set we swapped sides and we kinda realized that the side we were playing on kinda sucked. That was because in the gym we were playing in, there is a softball/baseball net that is attached to the ceiling on one side of the gym, which probably made the height limit for us at like 13 feet, which, in volleyball, is not high…at all. We played the next set good though and we managed to pull out a win 25-17(I think). I spiked a few balls, which was cool. I still was not aware of my form and technique when I went to spike so thats sad because I have nothing to reflect on. Maybe I will start to record my games just so I can rewatch them, I would find that useful and quite enjoyable to be honest. The second set was our best one as a team to be honest, some of our original crew couldn’t make it, so we had a couple of new players on our team that have played in leagues before but never on our team. The second set really went well for us and I felt as if the whole team had a contribution to the win, it felt like it was the match where one of our newbies (Lets call him Thomas for now) really started to get into the match more and took a bigger role in the win and Thomas was tall and he was essential to the win. Atta boy Thomas. 🙂

I forgot to mention that we switched up our rotation for the second set and that helped attribute to our win, mostly because we spread the two girls out on the court better.
Our league has this rule to where a girl must touch the ball if it is hit more than once before going over the net, which honestly, seems kinda sexist and puts some teams at a disadvantage. Mainly because first off, lets be honest, guys have a higher top potential in some sports, volleyball included BUT in the United States, there are definitely more women’s teams in High Schools around the country, and not many men leagues. SO, in turn, women around here definitely have the upper hand and men just have… height, most of the time. So, I personally feel as if there is no reason to have this rule. Also, lets just say a team of 5 girls and 1 man play versus a team of 2 girls and 4 men. Obviously the team with the more girls will have more choices when it comes to combos, because they will never have to worry about the 1 girl touches the ball rule. So, that is my opinion on that rule.

ANYWAYS, back to the games. Long story short we fell in the third set. I attribute this mainly to our poor receiving, which I don’t fully think is just a lack of athleticism or anything like that, more just more room to cover with less people. I also failed to mention that both teams only played the match with only  five people. We played with a three people in front and two in back setup which offers more opportunities for attacks but it makes it harder to receive because two people have to receive pretty much every ball that is served. I also made some relatively big mistakes in the third set, such as jumping into the net one time, which gave them an automatic point. Hey, what can I say, sometimes I just get a bit too excited to try and block!

SO, final scores were,

Set 1: 16-25 LOSS

Set 2: 25-17 WIN

Set 3: 14-25 LOSS

(Give or take a few points but its pretty darn close)

Next week we have a double header (IM SO STOKED) so I will have an even longer post about how they went.

Till next time,


Setter… Monday?


OKAY yes, I didn’t post yesterday, I got distracted by many MANY missed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (Who knew it could be so good?)….and it was supposed to be Setter Sunday but… maybe i’ll just change it to Setter Monday officially lol.

So today’s Setter Monday goes to…. Jenna Gray.

Jenna Gray is a sophomore setter for Stanford (She must be a genius). No, seriously, Jenna goes to STANFORD. Jenna is a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with, and a champion.

According to flovolleyball.tv, Jenna is 3rd on the list of 2017’s top 14 setters in NCAA volleyball. They label her as “The unsung hero of the 2016 nation championship Stanford team. Heres what they have to say about 6 foot 1 Jenna Gray,

The unsung hero of the 2016 national championship Stanford team, Jenna Gray became the first freshman to set a team to the national title since Nebraska’s Rachel Holloway in 2006. The 2015 Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year has dished out 511 assists so far in her sophomore season — 11.61 assists per set — good for 11th-best in the country and No. 1 in the Pac-12 Conference. She’s deadly from the service line, too, tallying a conference-high 0.50 aces per set. Oh, and did we mention she threw javelin for the Stanford track team in the fall and earned second-team All-American honors? (FloVolleyball Staff, para 14)

Jenna Gray is only a sophomore so we can expect to see two more wonderful years of play from Jenna and we can only expect her to grow higher in the ranks of best setters in the NCAA because the first two spots were taken up but Senior Kelly Hunter from Nebraska who will be graduated and Junior Samantha Seliger-Swenson from Minnesota. She has some tough competition but I am sure she will go far in the few years to come and who knows, maybe we can see her go pro? Or maybe in the 2020 Olympics? I am already so excited for the next Olympics!4173254827_cf9791c8a6_z

Till Next Time,





So, volleyball today was cancelled because of weather. I guess thats what happens when you live in Michigan lol. BUT, not to worry because I have another double header in two weeks time. For the time being I refuse to let this be a bland blog post so I wanna talk about defeat.

Defeat by all means is what most people hope to never have. But unfortunately it is one of those things that everyone HAS to have. Us, as a species have to be defeated to grow stronger and to become smarter. With that being said, volleyball is no different.

There will always be someone better than you, smarter than you, stronger than you and there will always be the next opponent. When it comes to defeat no one wants to say “yeah, we lost”. And when it comes to volleyball which can be a very competitive sport, it stings just a little more knowing that there are people better than you. Normally it only stings for the dedicated few who refuse to give up, who want to stand on the top, who love the game so much they never want to lose. Those are the people who have already fallen in love with the game of volleyball. Those are the people who love the view from the top. Others, know that loss is inevitable and don’t give it a second thought when they lose a game, nobody is perfect right? The dedicated and passionate few, know this also, but refuse to let that mindset dim their passion for the game, in fact, it makes them try harder.

Defeat is tricky because sometimes players/teams have become so numb to losing that another loss is just another loss to them. This is dangerous because it can crush a player’s desire to win so much. They become unconfident and shaky because although they may want to win deep down, it can feel as if though they are expected to lose, like it’s in their team’s DNA. If you can imagine, that is a big mood destroyer. Then until the right team comes along to help lift up the other players and show them their desire to win again, they get stuck in a rut.

Teammates are the solution to defeat. If you wanna win, you have to get better and volleyball is a team sport. It is a sport where you can’t hold the ball and the same player can’t hit the ball more than once in a row. So becoming stronger as a team, is how you can win in volleyball; Along with that, teammates who have the same deep down desire to taste victory and want to grow and improve, inspire other teammates and help them get out of that rut. Everybody deserves these teammates.

That concludes my post for today. Hope everyone enjoyed. Sorry Im posting this late!



Setter Monday


Hi everyone, first off, I would like you to know that after this week it will be Setter Sundays and not Mondays but I was a little late to getting to this post because of Easter Sunday, which is the best possible reason to be late on a blog post :).

Today, I had the privilege of asking one of my personal favorite professional volleyball players a few questions! Luckily, he was incredibly cool and agreed to answer them. (Just a small note but I asked him through instagram because I believe it is one of the only sites where you can message just about anyone! So thank you for responding ON Easter Micah! Sorry if I disrupted your day!)

To start, if you don’t now what a setter is, a setter is defined by Merriam-Webster.com as

1: one that sets
I mean, it’s not wrong. 😀 Luckily, Urban Dictionary has a slightly better defintion,
a volleyball player that can distribute the ball with effectiveness. While at the same time making the other teams block look stupid. This is done by being still in the air while playing the ball.
There we go, that definition is a little better. Urban Dictionary makes me laugh every time 😀 Basically a setter is the control tower of the game. They touch the ball most in a game and they set up plays with the hitters. They have many different options when it comes to making a play and gaining a point and one of their big objectives is to try and get the ball to a hitter without any blockers in the path. This is a tough position and you should do your best to remain cool, calm, and collected which Micah is very good at in my opinion.
Today’s Setter Monday appreciation post goes out to Micah Christenson. Christenson sports the #11 which is my favorite jersey number and the number I had when I played basketball for a couple of years 🙂 . So…OH man, where to start?! Christenson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Another Hawaiian Native just like Erik Shoji. He began playing volleyball in 2005 on the club team Asics Quicksilver. Christenson was a star volleyball and basketball player for his school in Honolulu, where he went on to graduate in 2011. He went on to play volleyball at the University of Southern California and it was from here that he became a starter on the U/S/ Junior National team. From there Christenson was called up to the Senior National Team for the NORCECA Championship in 2013. U.S.A. got a gold medal in that tournament. After that I believe he gained three more gold medals and two bronze medals on the National Mens Senior Team. He also has gained several other medals while on his Italian team. He is the youngest starting setter to ever compete for the U.S. on a national team for both junior level and senior level. (I wish I would’ve had my life this figured out when I was 20 lol) He is currently playing on the Italian team Cucine Lube Civitanova

As you can see Micah Christenson is an amazing volleyball player and luckily I got to ask him some questions about being a setter! I was beyond excited when he replied back to my message and agreed to answer!

Q: So first off, as a setter, how do you feel you can set and/or change the pace of the game?

Micah: Pace of the game in my opinion is dictated more so between points rather than during play. Getting to serve quickly, or taking your time to slow the pace down. You can dictate a little with controlling the middle of the court with quick/bic, or playing outside in starting with the pins.

Q: Secondly, as someone who has played on several professional teams throughout the world how do you work to sync with all the hitters that you play with? And have you ever run into any barriers that make it hard to adjust?

Micah: In terms of working with hitters it’s just getting a ton of meaningful reps with them as well as communicating as much as possible with them about what they want as well as what you’re comfortable with doing. Finding that happy medium where both of you are comfortable with the set. The hardest barrier was just not being able to communicate well with the language barrier when I first got to Italy. Now it’s much better and everything is fine, but at first it was very hard to communicate precisely what I wanted and what they wanted.


Chirstenson (#11) Setting to Maxwell Holt (#17)                                By Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49272874


Again, I would like to thank Micah Christenson for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions and I would like to wish his best of luck in all upcoming games!


With that, I am going to conclude this Setter Monday with a montage!


Tomorrow I have a double header going on in my own volleyball league so tomorrow’s blog post will be reflecting on that and how it went.

See you tomorrow,


Libero Love Saturday


This is a new segment that I will be starting along with a few others that will be weekly posts and HOPEFULLY I can keep up with the posts because so far, I am really enjoying writing and sharing my knowledge about volleyball that I have accumulated over the past two years. NOW, I definitely still have a lot to learn and hopefully I will learn a lot more about volleyball from future mentors and friends. ALRIGHT, now onto Libero Love Saturday!

So, for those of you who don’t know what a libero is. A libero is defined by…Urban Dictionary (LOL) as

The libero is the best defensive specialist but it is still necessary to attack and set. The libero is always on the court getting serve receives and digs. She/he must be willing to do anything to keep a ballup and must want it passionately to succeed. Libero means free, the libero has unlimited substitutions and wears a different colored jersey. The libero is the toughest position in volleyball.

Erik Shoji,

USA men’s national team member and member of an Italian club. Erik Shoji is considered to be one of the best men libero’s in the world. (Now, first off, I promise that all of my posts about future won’t be about men because lets be real here, women’s volleyball is more prominent in the States, and there are a ton of amazing women volleyball players 🙂 )

Shoji helped lead the USA mens national team to a gold medal at the 2014 World League and 2015 World Cup and even grabbed a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Shoji has a brother who also plays for the USA mens national team, Kawika Shoji is a setter for the team. Both brothers are Hawaiian natives.

Now, everyone knows that players who are tall are just naturally better at volleyball. That is just a fact. But, shorter people who love the sport of volleyball have a way to fight too. For instance, Erik Shoji is only 6 feet tall. Thats three inches shorter than me! Now let’s be real, 6 feet is not “short” by all means but in the sport of volleyball, players exist that are 6’7&up. Now I don’t really want to be a libero in the future (because quite frankly my receiving has always been sub-par :p) so I have to step up my game if I want to keep up with taller and more athletic people. Although, players like Erik Shoji give players of all heights hope that they can play the game they love, at any level of gameplay that they wish, its just about how much effort you put in. Have you ever heard the quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” by Tim Notke? That quote directly applies to volleyball in a way that most people don’t think about. In Japan, they use a phrase for shorter people (whether in actual height or in stature) who make a big difference, they call these people, Little Giant. Erik is Little Giant. Shoji is an inspiration to me and should be an inspiration to anybody who loves the game of volleyball but have felt at a disadvantage. There are ways to fight while not being 6 foot 9 inches lol.

The reason I picked Erik Shoji for my very first Libero Love Saturday was not because of his achievements in the wonderful sport of volleyball (Although he has racked up some amazing accomplishments) but because of how inspirational he is, and I wanted people to know how much of a champ Erik Shoji really is. Of course there are other short players in the world but I personally really enjoy Erik’s gameplay and so I felt a duty to write about him. With that being said, that is the end of my first Libero Love Saturday and I hope you all enjoyed and if you ever get the chance…


Au Revoir,


p.s. he has a volleyball compilation, check that out :)…

Volleyball - Olympics: Day 16
Picture credits go to Yahoo Sports

Family reunion is back! Volleyball here I come!

Alright, so for any of you who have read my post since almost the beginning, you all would know that my volleyball obsession slight started at my family reunion. (When I say slightly it’s because there were more determining factors that led to my obsession). Well, every two years my reunion takes place down in Indiana and guess what? It’s that time again! Two years goes by so fast and I have grown so much as a volleyball player and a person. So for this blog post I will be laying out five things that I have learned in volleyball in my first two years of playing!

1. The proper way to receive a volleyball! If you all remember, this is what made our team lose to My Uncles team at the last reunion. This time will be different!

2. That volleyball is a team sport. Volleyball is one of those sports where you can’t play alone, you have to trust and believe in your team. You can’t hold the ball, and you can’t touch it more than once in a row. This one was kinda hard for me because I’ve never played on a team till recently, so it took me a while to learn to trust my team and not try to carry the whole team by myself.

3. Hitting the ball hard is not always better. If you have ever watched Vball on tv they spike hard and powerful BUT, that’s professional and if you aren’t professional there is a good chance you can’t do that. Well good news, there are other ways to score points. Volleyball is very much a game for thinkers. It’s a tactical game. You can score points by being smart and thinking ahead. For example, where is their weakest receiver, I’m going to serve to them. Where is there shortest player, I’m going to spike by him. Find your strengths and use them against their weaknesses.

4. How to spike! This one was the most fun thing I learned in the past two years, learning how to spike and the proper approach to spiking really made a difference in my game!

5. Jump serving is hard. So I have learned to jump serve but I don’t play on enough leagues to keep up the practice and drill the form and approach into my head so that way I can be consistent. Lol so basically, I can do it about 30% of the time 🙂

And that’s all for me today! I’m hanging out with family most of the day so I will be busy. I hope you all have a great day!

Till next time,


Lebron Heads To The Lakers

First off, what did I say in a previous post? Oh yeah, Lakers were a prime suspect for Lebron! Second off, I’m pretty excited to maybe see showtime Lakers again. This will be the first time since Kobe that a big all star will have been on the Lakers! And Rajon Rondo signed with the Lakers as well which could be interesting. I feel as if Rondos glory days were on the Celtics way back but maybe he will be rejuvenated. Lakers also managed to keep Kuzma and Lonzo on their team as well but that could change with Kawhi Leonard still on the market. I think a Lonzo, Kawhi, Lebron team could be interesting and fun to watch! Anyways, that’s all for now, just a quick post to say I’m excited for the Lakers.

Till next time,


Ps. Demarcus Cousins joined the Warriors so the NBA is still gonna be “The Warriors Show” but still excited for the Lakers.

VNL Update!!

Sorry for being inactive for so long, I’ve been busy with life and trying to figure out what I’m gonna do in the future! Anyways, this will be just a quick VNL update about the men’s team. All qualifier matches have been played! And now, men have made in into playoffs with a third place ranking! Ahead of them are Russia in second place and France are in first place. Right behind USA are Serbia in fourth place and Brazil in fifth place! Looks like Brazil hasn’t been doing so well in the international rankings this year! Anyways, gotta get back to life.

Till next time,


Lebron could go where?!

Where I want Lebron to go next season.

Everyone knows Lebron James is the best in the world currently and even though he just got swept in the NBA finals he is still the best and people know it. With this season ending it brings the prospect of Lebron leaving Cleveland and going to a new team. He is the biggest prospect for the new and upcoming season and all the teams would want him but here’s who I would love to see him go to.

1. Lakers.

Now, with other all stars that have the possibility of switching teams Lebron could form a good team to make a run in the play offs yet again. And with Paul George and Chris Paul being free agents, a super team is possible, at least, if a team has enough money. I’d love to see Lebron go to the Lakers with Chris Paul. They could have a roster that forms around the two big superstars and Chris Paul could run the backups/bench like he did in Houston which worked as a great dynamic when the main roster wasn’t doing so hot/needed to rest. Also, bring back showtime Lakers!!!

2. 76’ers. The Sixers already have a pretty good roster. With young players like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and a slew of more experienced players. I think Lebron could make it work. Add Chris Paul or Paul George to the equation and I think it may get a little too star studded but who knows, maybe it could work.

These two teams would be who I want Lebron to go to. Now, do I think either of these will happen?? Who knows?! Let me know where you would like to see Lebron go this next season in the comments! Also, a share and/or a like would be much appreciated.

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Bored on your day off? I can help with that.

13 things to do in this wonderful summer weather! As the weather only seems to get nicer every day this summer you may find yourself…not outside. And while Netflix is addicting and your bed is very comfortable. You know what is better than naps and Netflix? Making memories! And making friends! So this list has 13 things you can do outside in this beautiful summer weather.

1. Grab some friends and go get some ice cream and sit in a park!

2. Go catch a game of baseball! Whether it be minor league, major league, or high school. A good game of volleyball is a good way to enjoy the weather and relax.

3. Grab your hammock and go find strange places to hangout. This often makes for some fun adventures.

4. See how many random strangers you can convince to join a game of volleyball from your local park.

5. Sunbathe. Who doesn’t love a good tan.

6. Go swimming! This combines sunbathing with the best parts of summer. Relaxing and warm water.

7. Try to get 5 random strangers to go tubing with you.

8. Break out the kayaks and go paddle on a local lake.

9. Go stargazing! Now this doesn’t include the summer but it’s just as fun.

10. Go camping! Grab a few days off of work and steal all your best friends to make some memories from.

11. Make tie-dye shirts!

12. Try and build a huge sandcastle

13. Have a yard sale! Not only will you make money, but you can enjoy the weather and declutter your house at the same time.

That’s all for today, now quit reading this and go outside!

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